Other Services



I offer English-language copy editing services focused on technical elements (language use, spelling, grammar, punctuation) and continuity at a flat rate of $25/hr. Turnaround time is one week on average. I accept rush jobs at increased rates dependent on document length.

Sensitivity Reads

I am available to do sensitivity reads to aid authors writing outside their own experience. All documents are returned with detailed notes about representation and bias present in the work, and I am more than happy to continue a dialogue with the writer about ways problem points can be improved on. I’ve previously read for Tor, HarperCollins, and Abrams, among other publishers.

I charge $300 for books 50k-75k words, $350 for 75k-100k words. Lower or higher word counts can be negotiated on an individual basis; email ioriksn@gmail.com for details. Turnaround time is guaranteed to be under two weeks. I accept rush jobs at increased rates dependent on document length.

Issues I am qualified by academic study or personal experience to read on include but are not limited to:

  • Japanese ethnicity issues, esp. in diaspora narratives
  • Chinese diaspora narratives, particularly in America, Singapore, and Malaysia. (Please note that I am not a suitable reader for mainlander or Taiwanese-centric material.)
  • Colorism in East and Southeast Asian culture
  • Economic prejudice in East Asian diaspora
  • Classical and medieval Japanese literature and folklore (700-1300CE specialty; don’t ask about anything that happened after 1636), including historical gender issues
  • Life in modern, urban Japan (particularly Tokyo)
  • Shinto-based mythology, yōkai
  • Bisexuality
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder