About Iori/Press Kits

25 Words:
Iori Kusano (Clarion West 2017) is an Asian American writer living in Tokyo whose fiction has appeared in Apex Magazine. Find them at kusanoiori.com.

50 Words: 
Iori Kusano is an Asian American writer and Extremely Ordinary Office Gremlin living in Tokyo. They are a graduate of Clarion West 2017 and their fiction has previously appeared in Apex Magazine and Baffling Magazine. Find them on Twitter @IoriKusano and Instagram as iori_stagram, or at kusanoiori.com.

100 Words: 
Iori Kusano is a queer Asian American writer, competitive Yu-Gi-Oh! duelist, and Extremely Ordinary Office Gremlin living in Tokyo. They are a graduate of Clarion West 2017 and their fiction has previously appeared in Apex Magazine and Baffling Magazine. In addition to cohosting Righteous Kicks, a Kamen Rider podcast, on the Skiffy and Fanty Network, they write reviews for Strange Horizons. Iori also plays in Brandon O’Brien’s Soundclash and Speculate SF’s monthly Girl by Moonlight tabletop gaming broadcast (presented by Arvan Eleron). Find them on Twitter @IoriKusano and Instagram as iori_stagram, or at kusanoiori.com.

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