WorldCon 2021/Discon III Schedule


I will be appearing virtually at this year’s WorldCon! Find me at the following events and panels:

Reading with Yashima Yugen // Harris (Virtual) // Thursday 22:00 EST = Friday 12:00 JST
What will I read? It’ll be a surprise!

Nobody Looks Like Themselves Anymore // Thomas (Virtual) // Friday 13:00 EST = Saturday 03:00 JST
Ouch, that time conversion. But I’m showing up to advocate for getting whatever the hell body mods you want. Me? I’m hoping for venom sacs.

Non-English Fanfic Cultures // Kress (Virtual) // Friday 20:30 EST = Saturday 10:30 JST
I am really looking forward to discussing the production and reception of fanfic in Japan, and will try my best to be fully coherent after the last panel.

Hugo Awards Ceremony // Regency Ballroom // Saturday 20:00 EST = Sunday 10:00 JST
I might not actually be at this one since it starts well before I am usually awake on Sundays, and overlaps with my next panel.

Digital Dice: Taking Your TTRPG Online // Congressional On-Site Viewing (Virtual) // Saturday 22:00 EST = Sunday 12:00 JST
If I do hit the Hugos, I’ll be a little late, but I look forward to talking about how to balance screentime, livestream audience interaction, and audio recording best practices.

Get the Look: Academia


“No-sleep beauty” is a little different for academics.

For the rest of the world, the goal of “no-sleep beauty” is “pretending you weren’t out all night.” For academics, it’s just the opposite–concealing that you got a full night’s sleep. I’ve taken graduate courses at three schools in three countries now, and what they all have in common is the Suffering Olympics, the unending cycle of one-upmanship about who’s working hardest and sleeping least. Thus, there are two uses for makeup when you’re an academic: to look like you’re not dying, or to look like you are.

Ok, and job interviews, but that’s in the center of the Venn diagram.

If you look like you’ve been, gods forbid, taking care of your physical and emotional needs, you will be accused of being that worst of all things: “unserious.” The ultimate mark of academic virtue and prowess is the sublimation of all your own needs into your work.

But what if you could practice self-care AND retain the respect of your cohort? Climb on board Kusano Iori’s All-Night Anxiety Express and learn how to get the haggard, sallow face of a Truly Devoted Academic!

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Composed as a love poem

Prompted by the irises blooming elegantly, all I can recall is, “long ago, there was a man…”


Alludes to the 9th section of Ise Monogatari.