WorldCon 2021/Discon III Schedule

I will be appearing virtually at this year’s WorldCon! Find me at the following events and panels:

Reading with Yashima Yugen // Harris (Virtual) // Thursday 22:00 EST = Friday 12:00 JST
What will I read? It’ll be a surprise!

Nobody Looks Like Themselves Anymore // Thomas (Virtual) // Friday 13:00 EST = Saturday 03:00 JST
Ouch, that time conversion. But I’m showing up to advocate for getting whatever the hell body mods you want. Me? I’m hoping for venom sacs.

Non-English Fanfic Cultures // Kress (Virtual) // Friday 20:30 EST = Saturday 10:30 JST
I am really looking forward to discussing the production and reception of fanfic in Japan, and will try my best to be fully coherent after the last panel.

Hugo Awards Ceremony // Regency Ballroom // Saturday 20:00 EST = Sunday 10:00 JST
I might not actually be at this one since it starts well before I am usually awake on Sundays, and overlaps with my next panel.

Digital Dice: Taking Your TTRPG Online // Congressional On-Site Viewing (Virtual) // Saturday 22:00 EST = Sunday 12:00 JST
If I do hit the Hugos, I’ll be a little late, but I look forward to talking about how to balance screentime, livestream audience interaction, and audio recording best practices.

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